tame hosts

17. 10. – 31. 10. 2021
at Pilot, Vienna, AT
invited by Ani Gurashvili  and Niclas Schöler



tame hosts

formal frame
gathered for spumante
lucid excitement
dark dimmed topoi

somebody standing
in porcelain paleness
porcelain swish
swish in frozen symmetry
at your beck and call

for this reception
dressed in blush
for this occasion
blush over blues
contemplating violets
for somebody
or somebody else’s delight

standing table
set with nothing
thirsty color
liquid someone
serving something


eating clichés with garnish
in the fume of verbal imprecision
your elbow is my cutlery
when we stretch the sparkles
of our superficial tongue

the social fabric
is an outspread oilcloth
no, measuring
each offers niceties



All Photographs ©Manuel Carreon Lopez/kunst-dokumentation.com