upsetting the proportions of your ambience

with Ioannis Malegiannakis
12. 3. – 17. 4. 3. 2021
at Verein zur Förderung von Kunst und Kultur Bludenz, AT



upsetting the proportions of yourambience

gathering in a cube
you mirror my reflections
glancing through your veil
you keep in constant motion
I cultivate emotions

I stretch
the dynamics of your atmo
wondering about your outlines

posing opposite your photographic aura
you show me photos of your fresh ones
demonstrating through your layers
insisting through the light
I show you how I hide

you float
I invite you to my table
you like dizziness
I put my layers on the table
eluding to assemble for
no I am not upset
I am tickled




















right: Ioannis Malegiannakis


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